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Hi there :)

Hello all :)

Just joined the comm and figured I'd give an introduction.

Name: Ashleigh
Grade: None; dropped out of college a year ago.
Location: Virginia, but I'll hopefully be relocating soon.
# of years on sax: 5 on alto. I'm going to get a soprano in about a week, though.
Types of sax: mainly alto, but I've messed with tenor and I'm about to get a soprano.
Future Plans (sax related or completely unrelated): I have no idea... but I'll never stop playing the sax.
Anything Else: I just got a hard rubber Meyer mouthpiece and I've been playing it with a size 3 rico royal reed. Has anyone experimented with this mouthpiece and altissimo notes? I've been trying to play them for years, but the struggle is real...

Other than that, I'm glad that I found this comm and I'm glad to be here ^_^v
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