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The Saxophone Alliance

We're Taking Over The World

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About This Community
This group is for saxes only.
Here we can discuss our plans for taking over the band, and then the world. This is a place for saxophones to meet and talk about anything. You can discuss band, saxes, those evil trumpets, chemistry homework, your favorite movie, you name it.

There are two things we ask of you, though. One is to fill this out in a new entry when you join so we can learn a little about you.
# of Years on Sax:
Type(s) of Sax:
Future Plans (sax related or completely unrelated):
Anything Else:

The other is that you take our poll.

Welcome to the community, and long live saxes!

The Always-Amazing Moderators

Every Good Communist Organization Needs Them
In long posts, please use an lj-cut. Just because you have a fast internet connection doesn't mean everyone else does.
No fighting with other users. That's what personal journals are for.
Use common sense. If you think something is going to offend someone, don't post it.
Since we promote in other communities, it is only fair that we allow promotions as well. Just please, if you are promoting a community, place it under an lj-cut.

Other Stuff
A great community for all woodwinds.
A really cool community to discuss perfect or relative pitch. Anybody can join!