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Intro/Should I Get A Kenny G Sax?

First, an introduction.
Name: Theresa Annalee Cantu
Age: 16 Grade: 11
I've been playing all saxophones (except contrabass) for seven years, but I have to say that the alto is my favorite. I plan on going to Oberlin College to major in Jazz performance, and Minor in the Fine Arts. I hope to become a professional jazz musician as an adult.

Ok! Now for the big question.
I've been looking to get a new sax for quite some time now and I noticed Kenny G has a line of professional saxophones on his website. I'm looking at the black alto (As far as I'm aware, they're all E-Series II). The price is exTREMELY low, compared to the professional alto I bought about five years ago. I saw his video on youtube and they seem like decent saxophones, if not great, but I would like to hear from someone that knows for sure if they're worth the money. If you know about them, cool. If you have one, or have tried one, great! I'd really appreciate the help.
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